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Refer to the passage. "Abbas has been accused, and with justice, of acting with the greatest cruelty toward the princes of Georgia, and the inhabitants of that province. His conduct was very different to a number of Armenian families whom he took in the course of his wars with the Turks. Instead of making them slaves, and compelling them to change their belief, as his predecessors had done in similar cases, he sought to give his native country the benefit of their knowledge and their industry. For this purpose he settled them in different parts of the kingdom, and not only gave them liberty to build churches, and to exercise the duties of their religion, but granted them many other important privileges. . . . The principal of these colonies was Julfâ, one of the suburbs of Isfahan. . . . It flourished in a degree that far exceeded expectation; and Abbas lived to see his wise policy rewarded by the happiness of its inhabitants, who, devoted to commerce and far more industrious than the Persians, enriched themselves, while they advanced, by the great trade they carried on with India and other quarters, the general prosperity of the empire.”

John Malcolm (1769–1833), a British soldier, colonial administrator, and diplomat, writing about the Safavid Empire, 1815

Which of the following best describes the changes in both Safavid society and Mughal society?

Both were trying to modernize their cities by bringing in foreign settlers.
Both were moving away from segregation and toward an inclusive culture.
Both were moving away from a singular religion and toward a multireligious culture.
Both were shifting toward prioritizing economic expansion over religious expansion.

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Refer to the passage. "Abbas has been accused, and with justice, of acting with the greatest cruelt...

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