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What countey does japan want to attack for oil​

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Aging populations can be a problem for developed countries because a) there are fewer younger workers coming into the workforce. b) most older workers demand top-level pay and full benefits. c) many older people are skilled in manufacturing, not technology. d) younger workers cannot find jobs when older people work longer.
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Marx and engels believed that a communist revolution would defeat capitalism and that the revolution would be led by
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Ineed asap ! name the differences between communism and fascism. 1who controls the government and how do they stay in power? 2how are the people’s personal lives and decisions affects? 3what is the government’s view on the economy and how it should be handled? 4what is the government’s view on other countries and their relationship with them?
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What russian alphabet was influenced by the greeks?
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What countey does japan want to attack for oil​...

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