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What stayed that blacks could not serve in state militias or on juries

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Will repost for more points once answered. i need this by tomorrow morning. this is the last thing i need for the year so whoever answers it i will give the remaining of my points (700) must not be plagiarized. write a report analyzing the effects of reconstruction on the political, social, and economic life of the nationimagine that you are a northern congressional representative who has gone south after the war to analyze the effects of reconstruction. you are to write a report that analyzes the effects of the civil war and reconstruction on the political, economic, and social life of the nation. as you research the effects, you may want to think about the following in the preparation of your report: 1. economic difficulties faced by the united states during reconstruction. note the difficulties of the south in comparison to the north.2. social problems that faced the south during reconstruction and the impact on various groups. note issues like former slaves, the enfranchisement of confederates, the federal occupation, and the need to adopt new state constitutions.3. political problems resulting from radical reconstruction replaced some white southerners in politics with northerners and blacks; this sparked controversy and resistance among many white southerners. your report to congress is to be typed using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. your report should be 500 words in length.
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How did the phoenicians add to the goods available in their marketplaces?
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Which type of constitutional power allows congress to regulate immigration and naturalization?
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Which of the following does not describe europe after that fall of the western roman empireh
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What stayed that blacks could not serve in state militias or on juries...

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