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Summarize the effects of the transcontinental railroad on the united states

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The newly created nazi ghettos were built where? in traditionally jewish neighborhoods. in rural areas. in poor urban areas. in isolated areas to prevent knowledge of the ghettos. primarily in germany.
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Match each treaty with its description. treatys- a the munich agreement b the pact of steel c the molotov-ribbentrop pact descriptions- 1- an alliance between germany and italy 2- an agreement between germany and the soviets dividing eastern europe 3-an agreement between germany, france, italy, and britain granting germany a small part of czechoslovakia in return for peace
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Why do you think the nazis gave ration cards out to jews in the ghetto?
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Which of the following sets best matches the document to the people and/or ideas that influenced it? a. constitution: federalists, thomas jefferson, patrick henry b. bill of rights: george mason, thomas jefferson, james madison c. federalist papers: federalists, george washington, james madison d. letters from the federal farmer: federalists, richard henry lee, alexander hamilton select the best answer from the choices provided
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Summarize the effects of the transcontinental railroad on the united states...

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