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what was one effect the gi bill had on american society in the postwar era?

question 1 options:

deserving soldiers received medals for their service

veterans received benefits that allowed them to purchase tvs

more veterans were able to attend college for the first time

the military remained at full force

question 2 (2 points)
why did the u. s. experience an era of prosperity after world war ii?

question 2 options:

new companies profited greatly from the internet through advertisements.

americans were finally able to buy affordable goods manufactured in europe shortly after the war ended.

foreign investors began buying out american businesses.

american factories were not destroyed by the war and were able to increase production to sell to foreign countries.

question 3 (2 points)
although the average american income rose after world war ii, poverty still existed in certain areas of the country. where was poverty the greatest?

question 3 options:

on the west coast

along the canadian border

in large cities

in rural areas

question 4 (2 points)
why was there a baby boom during the postwar era?

question 4 options:

people were conforming to the trend of having children.

people wanted the additional tax exemptions offered for having children.

with the war over and the economy growing, people were more prepared to raise children.

with additional government programs in place, people were counting on assistance.

question 5 (2 points)
what factor led to the growth of the suburbs following world war ii?

question 5 options:

city housing had been destroyed during the war and needed to be rebuilt.

a migration of whites to the north had created a housing shortage in cities.

the federal government offered tax incentives to anyone who moved to the suburbs.

developers built affordable, mass-produced houses in places like levittown.

question 6 (2 points)
how did television influence american life beginning in the 1950s?

question 6 options:

violent tv shows of the 1950s caused the crime rate to rise.

tv created a common culture and developed common social norms.

travel shows heightened interest in seeing all of the country and other parts of the world.

advertisements discouraged people from watching tv.

question 7 (2 points)
what was not a result of the car culture that developed in the postwar era?

question 7 options:

more families were able to live in the suburbs and commute to work.

car sales decreased because people were concerned about fuel consumption.

the percentage of families owning cars increased dramatically.

congress passed legislation to construct the interstate highway system

question 8 (2 points)
what did the addition of "under god" to the pledge of allegiance and adopting "in god we trust" as the national motto signify about life in the 1950s?

question 8 options:

that there was a religious resurgence and popularity of church evangelists in america

that the government rewrote the constitution so there was no longer a separation of church and state

that people were grateful for victory in world war ii

that the televangelists were more influential than congress

question 9 (2 points)
what was unique about the election of 1960?

question 9 options:

it was the first time presidential debates were televised.

propaganda posters and slogans were used to influence voting.

it had the largest voter turnout in u. s. history.

computers were used to count votes.

question 10 (2 points)
when kennedy ran for president, he referred to a "new unknown opportunities and paths."

which of the following would not fit into kennedy's new frontier?

question 10 options:

raising the voting age because young people were too irresponsible for political involvement.

the further exploration of space

the increased involvement of young people in politics

the push for social programs that improved education, mental health, and alleviated poverty

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what was one effect the gi bill had on american society in the postwa...

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