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Why did the patriots want to seperate from britain​

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How did william penn come on possession of land in the new world
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The princes of europe believed that they were no longer obligated to remain under the authority of the church. the idea of another christian church, one outside of the pope's authority, had financial appeal as well. many european leaders began to seize church property and place it under the authority of the state. based on the text, why did another christian church appeal to european princes? it would allow them to make religious decisions. it would give them authority over people. it would allow them to expand their lands. it would allow them to influence the pope.
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Before the civil war, the constitution protected slavery -true -false
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Which economic sector employs the least number of people in mexico, barbados, and venezuela? a. agriculture b. services c. industry
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Why did the patriots want to seperate from britain​...

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