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Who was the first person to preach the religion of islam

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Which of the following is true about elizabeth i's reign? she enforced the catholic church as england's official religion. she began a series of holy wars to fight puritans. the church of england was established by law. puritans supported the her commitment to any religion,
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Were the common crimes brought before the suffolk county court? what were the common sentences for convictions what? why type of punishment did the court prefer to inflict?
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6for imperialism and 6 reasons against imperialism ?
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Prior to the 1948 presidential campaign, truman won back the support of labor unions by highlighting his opposition to the taft-hartley act. supporting the passage of the national security act. pushing for equal rights for african american citizens. opposing the strikes of railroad and mine workers.
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Who was the first person to preach the religion of islam...

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