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Charlie had some tests done recently to assess his risk for certain diseases. the results showed that he has a waist circumference of 47 inches, a bmi of 29, and a normal skin fold measurement test. what should charlie do? a. charlie is a little too thin, he is most likely underweight, and he needs to consult a dietician or doctor to him see how to modify his diet to gain some weight. b. charlie should repeat the caliper test because it does not fit with the other information, and he should start an exercise routine and diet to reduce his body fat. c. charlie should immediately start an exercise and diet program because all his tests indicate that he is extremely obese, which puts him at risk for several diseases. d. charlie should repeat the bmi because the other tests were normal, and he should avoid changing his body composition because he'll be too overweight.

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Charlie had some tests done recently to assess his risk for certain diseases. the results showed tha...

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