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Explain Earth's role as a body in space

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Why would the crystals in an intrusive igneous rock be larger than the crystals in a chemical sedimentary rock? a. intrusive rocks form beneath the earth's surface, so they cool very slowly, which produces larger crystals. b. chemical sedimentary rocks form from dissolved substances on the earth's surface with very high heat and cool very slowly, which produces smaller crystals. c. chemical sedimentary rocks and intrusive rocks have crystals of the same size. o d. chemical sedimentary rocks form deep in the earth, so they cool slower, which produces small crystals. € read question correct:
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All of the following statements about the biosphere are true except: a. light and heat from the sun do not affect the biosphere. b. the biosphere gets resources from earth's crust, hydrosphere and atmosphere. c. like "biology", the name for the biosphere comes from the greek word for life. d. the biosphere includes all living organisms on earth's surface.
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Landmasses on a flat map look distorted because
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Iceland has taken advantage of its geology to meet a. political needs b. energy needs c. cultural needs d. economic needs answer b. energy needs
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