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How would geography be useful in to plan the future of a community?

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Amountain is larger than a hill, with steep sides true or false
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Adesert is an example of a(n) and the gobi desert is an example of a(n) a. ecosystem biome b. biome ecosystem c. ecosystem climate d. climate biome
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Extensive and unusual cold snaps have occurred here recently. is this evidence that global warming is lessening or not occurring? no—although the long-term trend is for warming, short-term weather patterns can still be variable. no—melting of glaciers and ice caps is making the oceans cooler, which can cause cold snaps. yes-- if global warming really were occurring, cold snaps wouldn’t happen. yes—due to global warming, weather patterns should be become less—not more—variable.
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In saudi arabia, voting rights are limited to
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How would geography be useful in to plan the future of a community?...

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