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How do you use windows ?

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Write the french translation of the following sentences in the space provided. (the underlined phrases will be used in part 10.) 1. we have been studying french for several years. 2. my friend has been living in france for two months. 3. but his parents have not seen him since last year. 4. since the revolution, france has been a republic (with a few exceptions). 5. have you really been watching that tv show ever since it began? part 10 (15 points) use the underlined clauses from part 9 and depuis quand? or depuis combien de temps? in five french questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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Using the preposition as a hint, choose the correct conjugation of the appropriate verb. elles __ d'australie. -vont-venez -viennent-venonsfill in the blank with the correct preposition: ils vont __ france. -a-en-du-de
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The noun that corresponds to the direct object pronoun is in parentheses. decide if the following sentence is grammatically correct. vous les ont touche. (les elephants) yes or no
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"the flintstones" is an example of: a. un documentaire. b. une émission. c. une parabole. d. un programme télé.
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