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When creating an oxymoron, an author

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Santiago said, “a man can be destroyed but not defeated.” in essence he says that a. defeat is likely when you sail alone. b. man can face defeat so it is important to learn from your mistakes and be prepared. c. sharks can always defeat man unless man is well prepared. d. man can be hurt and even destroyed but still have the ability to control how it is viewed.
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What theme of antigone do the above events reflects
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What do technical writers need to do when using an image?
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Question 1 translate: i have to eat. question 2 translate: one must study. question 3 to make a good grade, one must pay attention. para sacar una buena nota, prestar atención. question 4 to make money, one must work. para ganar dinero, trabajar. question 5 translate: maria has to talk.
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When creating an oxymoron, an author...

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