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Multiple choice
choose the meaning of the bold word in each passage.
1. the magnitude of the disaster is hard to imagine. (1 point)
2. the epicenter of the 9.0 magnitude quake was under the indian ocean near the west coast of the indonesian island of sumatra . . (from “the deadliest tsunami in history? ”) (1 point)
original source***
point of earth directly above

identify the complete sentence in each group.
3. (1 point)
chocolate milk, chocolate fudge, ice cream, and candy.
the average american nearly twelve pounds of chocolate each year.
the scientific name for chocolate is theobrina cacao.***
loosely translated to "the food of the gods."
4. (1 point)
anne e. kelley, a professor at the university of wisconsin.
kelley studies the effects of the chemicals in chocolate.***
including something called phenylethylamine.
may actually prevent several serious diseases.

identify the sentence in each group that contains a verb phrase for questions 5-6.
5. (1 point)
african violets are an excellent choice for an indoor garden.
these plants are relatively easy to grow.***
they require very little natural light.
you can grow them with artificial lightning.
6. (1 point)
too much light will actually harm the plants.
it makes the leaves turn pale or yellowish.
the plant actually shrinks under the light.***
therefore, keep them in a shaded place.

identify the portion that contains a compound subject.
7. during the 1940s and 1950s, budd abbott and lou costello were a popular comedy team on
radio, television, and stage. (1 point)
1940s and 1950s
bud abbott and lou costello
radio, television, and stage

identify the word that is part of a compound predicate.
8. "the boys," as they were called, amused and delighted audiences everywhere. (1 point)

identify the fragment.
9. (1 point)
my parents are very strict.
they gave me a 10: 00 p. m. curfew.
even on weekends, holidays, and vacations.***
however, they make exceptions for special occasions.
10. (1 point)
fred gets his driving permit today.
his older brother will give him driving lessons.
next year, he can get his regular license.
if he passes the written test and the road test.***

identify the direct object.
11. the object of the game in soccer is to get the ball into the goal. (1 point)
12. players usually kick or "head" the ball to their teammates on the field. (1 point)
read the following sentences. then answer questions 13–17 regarding the all the capped words.
1) how many u. s. presidents can you name?
(2) in the year 2000, u. s. citizens elected the 43rd president.
(3) some presidents were elected more than once.
(4) franklin roosevelt, for example, was elected to four terms in office.
(5) many citizens would have given him their vote again, because he was so
13. in sentence 1, the underlined word is (1 point)
a subject
a predicate
an indirect object
none of the above***
14. in sentence 2, the underlined word is a/an (1 point)
direct object
indirect object
15. in sentence 3, the underlined word is a/an (1 point)
direct object
indirect object

16. in sentence 4, the underlined word is (1 point)
a predicate
a direct object
an indirect object***
none of the above
17. in sentence 5, the underlined word is a/an (1 point)
direct object
indirect object
18. what is a verb phrase in sentance 5?
would have given
given him***
was so
would have
19. in sentance 5, the underlined word is a/
direct object
indirect object

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Multiple choice
choose the meaning of the bold word in each passage.
1. the magnitude of...

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