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In ""Harrison Bergeron"" what is the main intended effect of the sharp noises that are transmitted to George’s ear?

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When reading a poem closely to interpret its meaning and nuances, what can give you clues about the theme of the poem? athe rhyme schemebthe stanza structurecthe title of the poemd. the name of the poet
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Read the extract below and identify the three kind(s) of bias that are apparent within it. despite being reintroduced in the 1600s by idle, muddle-headed aristocrats in order to be slaughtered for fun, all the wild boars that were brought to australia from the continent eventually died out. for the next 300 years there were no boars in australia, but in the 1980s farmers saw a chance to diversify and began to import and farm them. some of these beautiful, intelligent animals escaped and established herds of their own, once again living wild and purely natural lives. while their ideal home is in woodland, boars are hardy and are able to live in multiple habitats. a/ mistreatment of opposing views b/ positive stereotyping c/ subjective vocabulary d/ personal attacks e/statistics f/ corporate bias e/ negative stereotyping g/ offensive language
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Will give if correct read the passage first of all, if someone says your dream is impossible, they’re wrong. you can’t prove that something is impossible-all you know is that [it] hasn’t been done yet. people said no one could scale mount everest, but in 1953, sir edmund hilary and tenzing norgay gazed down upon the world from its summit. people said that man could not fly, but in 1903, orville and wilbur wright made the first sustained powered flight in a heavier-than-air machine. people said, “okay, we admit that someone could climb mount everest, and we admit that man has learned to fly, but no one will ever, ever walk on the face of the moon.” if we can send three men a quarter of a million miles away and bring them home safely, is there any great task we cannot accomplish? which identifies the textual evidence that best supports the claim: the authors purpose is to persuade? a: the author shares historical information about the wright brothers. b: the author states that men have walked the moon. c: the author states that others who think your dreams are impossible are wrong. d: the author wants to know what tasks we cannot accomplish.
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In about two hundred words, explain how the author's use of folktales and symbolism add meaning to the story and convey the central theme of the novel: the disintegration of the traditional igbo society as a result of its contact with european practices and beliefs.
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In ""Harrison Bergeron"" what is the main intended effect of the sharp noises that are transmitted t...

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