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Are you worried about global warming?

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In the poem "we wear the mask," paul laurence dunbar voices his repressed anger and frustration toward american society. he repeats the title phrase three times in the poem, using the words mask and we to show that the first use of the phrase is matter-of-fact. in the second stanza, the statement is followed by a period, which shows resignation. however, at the end of the poem, dunbar almost shouts the phrase defiantly. the mask seems to become something he wears proudly. through this gradual emphasis on the phrase, dunbar could be implying that
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Odysseus taunts the cyclops and reveals his name, endangering the lives of his men. what does this evidence from the text reveal about odysseus?
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Who is not a member of rome’s second triumvirate?
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Whats the importance of gaining a general understanding of and interpretation of the work of literature. explain what the importance is to me
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Are you worried about global warming?...

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