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Daddy, mama, and i went back to the dining-room table, but we watched doodle through the open door. he took out a piece of string from his pocket and, without touching the ibis, looped one end around its neck. slowly, while singing softly "shall we gather at the river," he carried the bird around to the front yard and dug a hole in the flower garden, next to the petunia bed. now we were watching him through the front window, but he didn't know it. his awkwardness at digging the hole with a shovel whose handle was twice as long as he was made us laugh, and we covered our mouths with our hands so he wouldn't hear.
–“the scarlet ibis,”
james hurst
what does the imagery in the passage show about doodle?
a) he has many talents, including singing and gardening.
b) he thinks that the scene is funny and tries not to laugh.
c) he is afraid that he will catch a disease from the bird.
d) he cares about giving the bird a proper burial.

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Daddy, mama, and i went back to the dining-room table, but we watched doodle through the open door....

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