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What does bruno think “heil hitler” means? ?

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How does this image the reader to understand seismographs?
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Holly sang along as the band played her favorite song. what kind of sentence is this? * a fragment a simple sentence a compound sentence a complex sentence
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Welcome to the vocabulary assessment. by connecting with words in a more interactive way, through a graphic organizer that includes your own ideas, we hope you will learn new vocabulary strategies to integrate into your course work and your everyday life. objectives: use a variety of techniques to acquire a range of words determine, clarify, and illustrate the meaning of unfamiliar words to ensure that you properly and successfully complete the vocabulary assessment, do the following: complete the assessment using the passage provided. select a word from the passage, and identify/create each of the following for that word: denotation connotations synonyms antonyms affixes the sentence from the passage where the word appears an original sentence using the word a memory trick type your responses in the appropriate boxes. after you have typed your responses, print your graphic organizer and submit it to your teacher. be careful not to refresh the page before printing, as some browsers will not save your work. passage from "the pit and the pendulum" by edgar allan poe very suddenly there came back to my soul motion and sound—the tumultuous motion of the heart, and in my ears the sound of its beating. then a pause in which all is blank. then again sound, and motion, and touch, a tingling sensation pervading my frame. then the mere consciousness of existence, without thought, a condition which lasted long. then, very suddenly, thought, and shuddering terror, and earnest endeavor to comprehend my true state. then a strong desire to lapse into insensibility. then a rushing revival of soul and a successful effort to move. and now a full memory of the trial, of the judges, of the sable draperies, of the sentence, of the sickness, of the swoon. then entire forgetfulness of all that followed; of all that a later day and much earnestness of endeavor have enabled me vaguely to recall.
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Read the passage from sugar changed the world. sugar is a taste we all want, a taste we all crave. people throughout the planet everywhere have been willing to do anything, anything at all, to get that touch of sweetness. we even know exactly how thrilling it was to taste sugar for the first time. when the lewis and clark expedition met up with the shoshone, who had little previous contact with old world products, sacagawea gave a tiny piece of sugar to a chief. he loved it, saying it was "the best thing he had ever tasted." sugar created a hunger, a need, which swept from one corner of the world to another, bringing the most terrible misery and destruction, but then, too, the most inspiring ideas of liberty. sugar changed the world. we begin that story with a man who could never know enough. how does the conclusion of the prologue support the authors’ purpose? select two options. it introduces the topic that will be addressed next. it provides information about the authors. it states why the topic is relevant to readers. it cites sources the authors used in the text. it explains how the authors came to study the subject.
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What does bruno think “heil hitler” means? ?...

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