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What is the best example of tragic flaw? a. macbeth desire for power b. lady macbeth pleasure being crowned queen c. macbeth attempted murder banquo d. malcolm and donalbain fear that they will be murder next.

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The town should regulate the height of buildings allowed on main street. this would be categorized as a: a. claim of fact. b. claim of policy. c. claim of cause and effect. d. claim of definition.
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The primary purpose of both queen elizabeth's address to the troops at tibury and response to parliament's requests that she marry. is to
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Based on this excerpt the authors are most likely to attempt to answer which question
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How are the characters of tablin and keyn revealed in this excerpt from "the guard" by simon dunbar? a. indirectly through dialogue and by thoughts and actions b. directly through a narrative description c. indirectly through dialogue "where's my horse? " keyn asked. tablin looked around the dirt courtyard. he tried to peer through the shadowy arches of the flowing barrel. he even twisted in his saddle to look across the merchant's bazaar, past tents and warehouses filled with goods. "i don't know," he said. "did you leave it in your mouth? it's the only place i can think of that's big enough." keyn laughed; something got stuck in his throat half way, and he coughed for breath. "i can see you're good to go,” tablin observed as keyn struggled to clear his throat. “go get your horse yourself before i take the job and leave you to rot in the flowing barrel."
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What is the best example of tragic flaw? a. macbeth desire for power b. lady macbeth pleasure being...

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