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Read the sentence.

despite the restrictions, the colonists to purchase goods from foregin traders.

which is the past perfect tense of the verb "managed"?

a) have managed
b) have been managing
c) will have managed
d) had managed

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Read the selection below and answer the question. an open boat by alfred noyes o, what is that whimpering there in the darkness? 

 'let him lie in my arms. he is breathing, i know.
 look. i'll wrap all my hair round his neck' – the sea's rising,
 the boat must be lightened. he's dead. he must go.' 

 see - quick - by that flash, where the bitter foam tosses, 
 the cloud of white faces, in the black open boat, 
 and the wild pleading woman that clasps her dead lover 
 and wraps her loose hair round his breast and his throat.
 'come, lady, he's dead.' - 'no, i feel his heart beating,
 he's living, i know. but he's numbed with the cold. 
 see, i'm wrapping my hair all around him to warm him.' -
- 'no. we can't keep the dead, dear. come, loosen your hold.

 'come. loosen your fingers.' - 'o god, let me keep him! ' -
 o, hide it, black night! let the winds have their way! 
 and there are no voices or ghosts from that darkness, 
 to fret the bare seas at the breaking of day. the rhyme scheme of "an open boat" is abcb abab abba aabc
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Which multimedia element would most appeal to an audience’s emotions in a presentation about global warming? a graph showing an increase in airborne chemicals affecting the ozone layer a photo of a dried-up lake and a photo of a family swimming in the lake before it dried up an interview with a scientist explaining the risks that carbon poses to the ozone layer a video lecture of a professor discussing changes in climates around the world
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Which evidence supports the inference that nora is afraid of what torvald will say if krogstad tells him about her forgery? do it for my sake—for your own sake—for the children's sake." "you don't know what that letter can bring upon us." "yes, it's too late." "you will never have to do that."
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Plz im willing to put all my points on the line for this so it would be very nice if u guys could (there is also brainliest on the line)think of an intense argument you had or witnessed sometime in your life. close your eyes and remember every detail. to turn this into a dramatic scene you will need to make changes that will make it make more sense to the audience 500-600 words a description of the set up that explains what happened before the scene diction that matches the characters character objectives and obstacles are clearly conveyed a scene that escalates in dramatic intensity diction that is appropriate to the audience words that are not wasted in idle chit chat action (stage directions) that enhance the scene proper formatting for dramatldr i need a 500- 600 word argument that is understandable ot a high school audience
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Read the sentence.

despite the restrictions, the colonists to purchase goods from foreg...

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