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Based on context clues, what is the best definition of the word "expendable”? necessary to an operation knowledgeable about a topic capable of being sacrificed useless in a specific situation

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It is very important to promote self esteem in young children
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Read this excerpt from lorraine hansberry's a raisin in the sun: based on the character description, what can the reader infer about travis? a. he is organized and has an established morning routine. b. he has inherited his good looks from his mother, not his father. c. he doesn't like having to share a bathroom with other families. d. he is a little boy of about 10 or 11.
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Reread paragraph 1 of “welcome to ‘rise of the knights.’” which word from the paragraph does not create a tone of enthusiasm?
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Sarah is having a tip-of-the tongue experience with the name of an indian restaurant that recently received a great review. she suspects that it may start with a “k” sound and consist of two syllables, but all that comes to mind is canton or ccouscous. which of the following choices would be the most likely name of the restaurant?
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Based on context clues, what is the best definition of the word "expendable”? necessary to an opera...

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