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How does the odyssey handle the issue of gender

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Jackson is a very smart little boy he can count to twenty and is only two years old. complete, run on sentence or comma splice
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What does the term fiend not mean as it is used in the passage? a) beast b) brute c) fanatic d) savage
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What ideal of imagist poetry is best reflected in this poem by ezra pound in which he compares a crowded metro station to a flowering tree branch? in a station of the metro the apparition of these faces in the crowd; petals on a wet, black bough. a. poetry should be about urban subjects and ideas. b. old poetry should be rewritten in a modern style. c. poets should be able to describe ordinary subjects in new ways. d. poets should write about new subjects with conventional techniques.
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Underline the ic or ic's and place the proper punctuation if needed. the board of trustees admits that it made a mistake because the employees were toolazy nothing happen to the board
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How does the odyssey handle the issue of gender...

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