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An ideal version of victorian domesticity might include select all that apply. a. a modest, but warm and cheerful, interior space
b. a welcoming, but unimposing, servant
c. a mysterious and allusive ghostly presence
d. a kitchen garden overgrown after years of neglect

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It is true that prior to 1914 the united states often had been disturbed by events in other continents. we had even engaged in two wars with european nations and in a number of undeclared wars in the west indies, in the mediterranean and in the pacific for the maintenance of american rights and for the principles of peaceful commerce. but in no case had a serious threat been raised against our national safety or our continued independence. what is the theme of this excerpt? a. the responsibility for americans to avoid involvement in war. b. america’s history of international involvement. c. a new kind of threat to american security. d. america’s history as a peaceful nation.
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Which of the following components of information literacy relates the most to purpose of information? a. information creation as a process b. authority is constructed and contextual c. research as inquiry
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When i was young enough to still spend a long time buttoning my shoes in the morning, i'd listen toward the hall: daddy upstairs was shaving, in the bathroom, and mother downstairs was frying the bacon. they would begin whispering back and forth to each other up and down the stairwell. my father would whistle his phrase, my mother would try to whistle, then hum hers backi drew my buttonhook in and out and listened to it -know it was "the merry widow." the difference was, their song almost floated with laughter. how different from the record, which growled from the beginning, as if the victrola were only slowly being wound up. they kept it running between them, up and down the stairs where i was now just about ready to run clattering down and show them my shoes. what is the effect of the parallelism used in the above excerpt? it establishes the rhythm of a duet to echo the song. it expresses the same ideas. it mirrors opposite ideas. it is a paradox.
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What do you think tennyson is saying about the role of the artist and the connection of the artist to his or her society? cite evidence from the poem to support your view. your answer should be at least one hundred words.
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An ideal version of victorian domesticity might include select all that apply. a. a modest, but war...

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