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What makes "o captain! my captain! " an elegy

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Which of these excerpts from margaret frink's memoir makes heaviest use ofimagery? oa. the bottom was divided off into little compartments orcupboards. after putting in our provisions, and other baggage, afloor was constructed over all, on which our mattress was laid. ffob. the wagon was packed and we were all ready to start on thetwenty-seventh day of march. he. ww. as born and raised in thweslelend& rnewyork. i, margaret ann alsip, his wife, was born in maryland, thoughpartly raised in virginia, on the banks of the potomac river. inod. we situated ourselves one hundred and twenty-five miles fromcheviot, in the town of martinsville, the county seat of morgancounty, indiana. w​
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What makes "o captain! my captain! " an elegy...

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