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How is a 3.5 extendd response written

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This statement descri swift wrote gulliver’s travels so he could humorously criticize the government. this statement describes swift’s
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Focus question: miss maudie says, “atticus finch is the same in his house as he is in public” (61). what evidence so far proves this true?
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The plot of antigone incorpartes various elements of tragedy. thriugh which character does sophocies primarkly develop the element of hubris?
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Which is the best paraphrase of the passage? a.)it’s always cloudy where the men of winter live. b.)it’s always misty where the men of winter live. c.)it’s always dark where the men of winter live. d.)it’s always sunny where the men of winter live. read the passage from the odyssey - elpenor. by night our ship ran onward toward the ocean's bourne, the realm and region of the men of winter, hidden in mist and cloud. never the flaming eye of helios lights on those men at morning, when he climbs the sky of stars, nor in descending earthward out of heaven; ruinous night being rove over those wretches.
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How is a 3.5 extendd response written...

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