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Read the excerpts below and answer the question.
"my daughter" came naturally from the lips of rachel halliday; for hers was just the face and form that made "mother" seem the most natural word in the world. "

"the thing had been remarked with petulant jealousy by his wife, and she regarded her husband's absorbing devotion to the child with suspicion and dislike; all that was given to her seemed so much taken from herself. from the time of the birth of this child, her health gradually sank."

in at least 150 words, what does stowe imply about rachel halliday and marie st. clare from the information given in these excerpts?

i'm not asking you to write 150 words, if you do though, that'd be great. i'm just looking for an idea of what it means.

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Read the excerpts below and answer the question.
"my daughter" came naturally from the lips o...

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