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The diagonal of a particular square is 5 inches. the diameter of a particular circle is also 5 inches. by how many square inches is the area of the circle greater than the area of square? express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.

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Which of these details is not relevant to the paragraph? jane addams was born in cedarville, illinois, in 1860. as the daughter of well-off mill owner, jane always had her needs cared for. while she traveled through england in her late twenties, she and her friend, ellen g. starr, traveled to a house where poor people could sleep, eat, and learn. inspired by this, jane and ellen started a similar establishment, called hull house, in chicago, illinois. people living in the city could get a meal, learn, and rest at hull house. the founders soon became famous for their work, and their efforts many poor people in chicago. for her work, jane was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1931.
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Which sentence will fatima’s teacher most likely ask her to revise?
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What is the definition of scathing? a. to assail with abusive language c. to deter by advice or persuasion b. bitterly severe, as a remark d. the west wind; a mild wind
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Consider the fact that dic’s story and the m65 cannon were both developed in the early 1950s. in a two- to three-paragraph response, describe the similarities and differences you see between the m65 atomic cannon created by the us military and philip dic’s story “the gun.” how do dic’s story and this us military video show that science fiction can simultaneously connect to as well as expand on actual current events?
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The diagonal of a particular square is 5 inches. the diameter of a particular circle is also 5 inche...

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