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23. why is it ironic that booth called lincoln a "tyrant"?
a. bc booth was the opposite of a tyrant.
b. bc lincoln was the opposite of a tyrant.
c. bc lincoln was a tyrant
d. bc booth was a tyrant

24. what was samuel mudd's motivation in getting rid of lincoln?
a. mudd would lose his property (slaves) if lincoln's policies continued.
b. mudd would gain important friends in high places
c. none of these
d. mudd would receive money from booth for

25. which adjective best describes how mary todd lincoln was portrayed following her husband's death.
a. selfish
b. weak
c. afraid
d. all of the above

27. before lincoln's assassination, how many presidents were assassinated? how many after?
a. 4 before, 4 after
b. 3 before, 5 after
c. 1 before, 7 after
d. 2 before, 6 after

28. for what reason did john surratt run off to canada?
a. his mother and sister were being questioned; booth and mudd were both arrested.
b. there is no connection between john surratt going to canada and lincoln's assassination.
c. other family members needed there.
d. there was a warrant out for his arrest.

34. after booth and herold were asked to leave mudd's house, thy spent a few nights sleeping on the ground in the woods in maryland. why were these men dangerous?
a. they were well armed.
b. they were cornered.
c. they were desperate.
d. all of the above

35. what lie did mary surratt get caught telling to the authorities?
a. she told the men her son was not at home.
b. she told the men she did not know that lincoln has been assassinated.
c. she told the men that her name was not mary surratt.
d. she told the men that she did not know lewis powell.

36. why did the authorites question samuel arnold?
a. someone ratted him out.
b. he looked guilty
c. he had been one of the co-conspirators with booth in the kidnapping scheme.
d. he gave himself up willingly.

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23. why is it ironic that booth called lincoln a "tyrant"?
a. bc booth was the opposite of a...

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