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How does the motto e pluribus unum describe the people of the united states?

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Drag the tiles to the boxes to form correct pairs. david sedaris's essay "our perfect summer" appeared in the june 16, 2003, issue of the new yorker. match each element of sedaris's essay to an element of a narrative essay. tiles time setting plot geographical setting conflict characters pairs the writer and his mother had always talked about the family buying a second home like the rich people they knew. the writer grew up in raleigh, north carolina, and his emerald isle in the summers.
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What do the words “briefer,” “too beautiful to stay,” and “sleep of death” in the last stanza of wylie’s prom suggest about nature’s bounty and a life of plenty and ease?
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Read the following passage: sari couldn't believe her bad luck. she had locked her keys in the car. to add fuel to the fire, her cell phone was in the locked car, and she was late for a very important meeting. she knocked on her neighbor's door so that she could ask to use his phone, but he was not not home. what was she to do? what role does the idiom in the passage serve? a. it shows that sari has incredibly bad luck when it comes to work. b. it shows that sari's neighbor was not home either. c. it shows that sari locked her keys in the car. d. it shows that sari's situation was worse than it seemed at first. ​
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Me ! select the correct answer. in his essay "civil disobedience," henry david thoreau wrote "that government is best which governs least." which answer best shows how this motto reflects transcendentalist principles? a. an ideal government does not exist, so anarchy is best for a nation. b. citizens require the government to define the difference between right and wrong. c. government can act as an impediment to the will and morality of individual men. d. an ideal nation is one that is not governed by a monarchy or dictatorship. e. government on a large scale is inefficient and should be managed at the state level.
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How does the motto e pluribus unum describe the people of the united states?...

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