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When martin luther king, jr. compares injustice to oppressive heat and freedom to an oasis in his "i have a dream" speech, what literary device is he employing?

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Iwill give you 90 points read this entry from a blog about service dogs. lexie, an eight-month-old black labrador retriever, is sleeping quietly at my feet. i can’t but think that her soft, velvety ears and alert brown eyes would make her the perfect “doggie model” for pet magazines and pet store ads. however, lexie will soon have a much more important job to do. in a few months, she will become the loyal companion and service dog for a young man who has been blind since birth. she will him board public transportation, such as buses, subways, and trains, and she will him safely cross busy intersections. lexie will even the young man avoid obstacles, such as high curbs and low overhangs. like all dogs in our organization, lexie has undergone months of specialized training to a visually impaired person lead an active and independent life. what is the primary purpose of this blog? to inform readers about seeing-eye dogsto entertain readers with stories about lexieto persuade readers to support service dogsto convince readers to adopt seeing-eye dogs
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Does anyone know the answer to the question?
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Hillenbrand writes, "as louie blazed through college, far away, history was turning" (p. 43). why does the author interrupt louie's narrative with information about japan and germany?
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Will anyone be able to check for grammatical errors and give an opinion on the essay itself? write about the following topic: some people believe that allowing children to make their own cholces on everyday matters (such as food, clothes and entertainment) is likely to result in a society of individuals who only think about their own wishes. other people believe that it is important for children to make decisions about matters that affect them. discuss both these views and give your own opinion. —— nowadays, in this busy and fast developing world teaching children from an early age to cope with their own decisions (such as food, clothes etc.) and then take the coincidences after that is something that a lot of people believe that it is important for them. on the other hand other people think that it might end up in a society of humans who put their wishes before anyone else's. but which one of these views will predominate? firstly, the people who allow their children to make their own decisions are the people who everyone should look up to. it is important to let your children learn from the mistakes their make. the parents can not be with them all the time every day and for that reason, teaching them to deal with their decisons or even problems will them in the future. of course, there are always disadvantages such as some people may really forget about that their children will need them at a certain point in life and may loose connection whit them. but that is why it should have that moderately path, where kids will make their own decisions but will feel comfortable to always ask for a advice tueur parents. on the other hand, there are and the second type of parents which think that too much individualism is not good. it really depends on the parents how they will teach their children to carry on with the independence they have. a lot of them might forget that they are still kids and will need and advices from time to time and because of that the parents turn their kids in individuals who only think about their own wishes due to the fact that they are let on their own and have to cope with everyone and everything by themselves. in conclusion, i think that the best decision someone can make is to look up to the first type of parents. that way they will be able to train their children to become independent people who will respect the wishes of others and they will be able to cope with their decisions in the future when they need it.
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When martin luther king, jr. compares injustice to oppressive heat and freedom to an oasis in his "i...

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