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Read a newspaper during this lesson or visit one of the sites below, and look for articles that discuss situations in which there has been a clash of values between two or more groups. summarize at least two of the clashes.

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What character trait does penelope demonstrate when she calls for the suitors to hold a contest? what other character has a similar trait? she demonstrates cleverness, like odysseus does when he tricks and overcomes foes. she demonstrates hospitality, like the phaeacians do when odysseus lands on their island. she demonstrates a lack of confidence, like telemachus does when he fails to kick out the suitors. she demonstrates a lack of self control, like odysseus’s men do when they slaughter helios’s cattle.
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Wich statements best identifies a problem with this method
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Read this example: original work - a novel about a man's struggles to returnhome to his family after spending the past ten yearsfighting in a war. which work would represent a change to the artistic medium of this originalwork? a. a story written about the man's adventures since the warb. a novel that translates the story into another language. c. a painting of the man wishing he was home with his familyd. a book written about the war the man was fighting​
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Excerpted from "the children's hour" by henry wadsworth longfellow a whisper, and then a silence: yet i know by their merry eyes they are plotting and planning together to take me by surprise. a sudden rush from the stairway, a sudden raid from the hall! by three doors left unguarded they enter my castle wall! look carefully at the lines above. a poem with this particular rhyme scheme is best read a. line by line. b. with long pauses. c. phrase by phrase. d. with a strong rhythm.
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Read a newspaper during this lesson or visit one of the sites below, and look for articles that disc...

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