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What is the basic foundation of neoclassical literature

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Which modifier is misplaced within the passage? choose the best answer. it took me longer than normal to walk to school today because i stopped to make a wish. i wished for happiness at the fountain. i'm not sure if my wish will come true, but i sure hope it does!
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Why does kafka include details of gregor's in a different time in his life
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The other characters in act i believe that julius caesar is a tyrant. what does this word mean? do you agree with the other characters? why? use examples. your response should be 3-5 sentences in length.
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Sarah is having a tip-of-the tongue experience with the name of an indian restaurant that recently received a great review. she suspects that it may start with a “k” sound and consist of two syllables, but all that comes to mind is canton or ccouscous. which of the following choices would be the most likely name of the restaurant?
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What is the basic foundation of neoclassical literature...

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