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Ya i am soo bored like i am about to actually cry sm

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Which is best evidence that mary is beginning to change
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Why should college athletes not get paid for play claim: state the point of a of why they shouldn't then direct quotation to support why they shouldn't then explain a point b then direct quotation to support point b that you just answered above
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Select the correct sentence. a. i feel well about starting my new classes this semester. b. despite her inexperience, helen did surprisingly well in the gymnastic competition. c. justin has a great sense of humor and can tell a joke really good. d. that tie looks well with your shirt.
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The purpose of an informative essay is to express personal feelings about a topic. describe events from a certain point of view. instruct the reader about a topic. express and defend an opinion.
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Ya i am soo bored like i am about to actually cry sm...

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