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Can you find the temporal words or phrases in this sentence? 5. Our food came in just a few minutes. please answer asap with the correct answer GRAMMAR

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Usually, when people talk about "rocky” relationships, it’s with a frown, but mine has enriched my life. i became fascinated with rocks when i was really young, and throughout my childhood you could usually find me with my pockets bulging from whatever stony treasures i’d scavenged that day. when my science teacher taught us a unit on geology, i realized that my fascination could become an exciting career that could also me make good money. obtaining an internship to work on the geological exhibit at the museum is an important step on my road to being a geologist. the best description of the writer’s point of view is that the person is eager to make a lot of money in a museum internship. insistent that geology should be taught as part of every science course. hopeful to be able to further the goal of eventually becoming a geologist. concerned that people do not generally relate well to the study of geology.
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Which best explains the symbolism of changing weather in "the jilting of granny weatherall"?
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Read the sentence from fish cheeks on christmas eve i saw that my mother had route does the stuff in creating a strange menu what message does amy tan's description send
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Which is represented within these lines?
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Can you find the temporal words or phrases in this sentence? 5. Our food came in just a few minutes....

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