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Look up loan in your dictionary. Match the language to loan's usage category as a verb. 1. British English
2. American English

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If an item does not contain a fragment, write correct. if the item contains a fragment, rewrite it to make it one or more complete sentences. 1.)their faces shining with delight at seeing the movie star. 2.)i wanted one thing. to take a long nap 3.)the committee was irrupted by this application. which we received just yesterday. 4.)i enjoy working with my hands. 5.)traffic lights flashing erratically as the cars jammed in the intersection, unsure whose turn it was to proceed. 6.)the apples cooked. with their sweet juices bubbling away. 7.)just as mr. chao said goodbye. 8.)classified ads filled the pages of the newspaper. 9.)a report to write and math to do before tomorrow. 10.)the silhouettes of the trees against the light of the moon.
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Read this sentence: devon was nervous at the thought of speaking in front of a large audience. which word could a translator use to replace the underlined word without changing the meaning of the sentence? a. angry b. excited c. d. worried
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Read this passage from an analysis essay: allegories do three things. first, they tell a story. allegories also have multiple meanings. finally, allegories offer a moral lesson. which best uses parallelism to revise this passage? a. telling a story, having multiple meanings, and moral lessons: these are the things allegories do. b. allegories, tell a story, multiple meanings, and a moral lesson. c. allegories tell a story, have multiple meanings, and offer a moral lesson. d. allegories tell a story, and have multiple meanings and offer a moral lesson.2b2t
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Which of these statements are true about pardoners tale
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Look up loan in your dictionary. Match the language to loan's usage category as a verb. 1. British...

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