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(the crucible) how does elizabeth respond to danforth's questioning about john?

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In act 3 of "the crucible" 1. how does danforth react to francis nurse’s pleas to reveal evidence in favor of his wife? 2. according to danforth, what reasons might john have for falsifying evidence? 3. what two things does ezekiel cheever tell danforth that would give him cause to believe that john is lying? 4. what does elizabeth reveal in her claim sent to danforth? 5. what evidence does john give danforth? 6. what does parris imply about the people who have signed the testament? 7. what decision concerning the signed petition does danforth make that horrifies francis nurse? 8. what accusations does giles corey make against thomas putnam? 9. why does danforth put giles under arrest? 10. what evidence from mary warren is given to danforth? 11. how does parris react to evidence suggesting abigail is a fraud? why might he react this way? 12. what is mary unable to do that would prove proctor’s case? 13. what might mary have meant when she said she thought she saw spirits when she really didn’t? 14. what do abigail, suzanna, and mercy do after danforth has started to question abigail? 15. what does proctor mean when he says, “i have made a bell of my honor! ” (pg. 221)? 16. how does danforth decide to test whether john is telling the truth about abigail? 17. why do you think elizabeth fails to tell danforth about john’s infidelity? 18. at this point, how does reverend hale feel about john and elizabeth? how is this different from how he felt when he first spoke with them? 19. what does mary do after the girls see the “bird” and danforth tells her she must confess or hang? 20. why does john say that god is dead?
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(the crucible) how does elizabeth respond to danforth's questioning about john?...

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