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1. which sentence is written correctly? of great concern to scientists is the controlled growth of bacteria cultures in test tubes. have you thought about how there is lots of stories in the bible that involve miraculous events? there is many retired couples who travel overseas together after retiring from the workforce. have the united states marine corps been a part of the united states armed forces since 1775?

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How does the poem's mood and tone change in each of these stages of “o captain! my captain! ” by walt whitman? (i need an answer asap )
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He said it was because a private detective sees the dark side of human nature. but whatever the reason, gill landers had an innate suspicion of politicians. when senator randy brill walked into his office on that summer day in august, mopping his flushed features with a monogrammed handkerchief, gill could think of no good reason to change his attitude. he'd only met brill once. that had been two years ago at a country club reception for state political notables. since then, he'd learned all he wanted to know about the senator's sinister reputation. gill sat back in his chair, put his feet on his desk, and fought to keep a poker face. but there was no way he could stop the chill that coursed along his spine like a rush of ice water. 29. in this paragraph, the word notables probably signifies that the persons so described a. would like to be politicians. b. are wealthy people. c. have political influence. d. are contributors to charity.
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Which word best describes the author's tone in this excerpt from "that spot" by jack london? i don’t think much of stephen mackaye any more, though i used to swear by him. i know that in those days i loved him more than my own brother. if ever i meet stephen mackaye again, i shall not be responsible for my actions. it passes beyond me that a man with whom i shared food and blanket, and with whom i mushed over the chilcoot trail, should turn out the way he did. i always sized steve up as a square man, a kindly comrade, without an iota of anything vindictive or malicious in his nature. i shall never trust my judgment in men again. why, i nursed that man through typhoid fever; we starved together on the headwaters of the stewart; and he saved my life on the little salmon. and now, after the years we were together, all i can say of stephen mackaye is that he is the meanest man i ever knew. a. excited b. ironic c. indignant d. playful
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How do i can change this sentence : a modern physician in a small town not only is proficient in general medicine but surgery as well. to parallel structure?
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1. which sentence is written correctly? of great concern to scientists is the controlled growth of...

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