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Paragraph on how to be stay positive during the quarantine

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Which character in this excerpt is in conflict with society, and why? joe summers is in conflict with society because he is joking with the villagers. old man warner is in conflict with society because he believes that young folks have crazy ideas. mrs. adams is in conflict with society because she says some villages have stopped holding lotteries. mr. adams is in conflict with society because he is standing with the villager who represents society's old ways.
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Poets use personification to enhance the reader's understanding of the meaning of the poem describe an object the reader make connections all of these answers are correct
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In an argument a claim is an issue what claim does stanton make i lined 1-6
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1if katina that the first day of her internship at harper and associates would be so disastrous, she would have called in sick. she'd chosen her clothes carefully that morning: katina had dressed in black slacks, a white shirt, a vibrant turquoise jacket, and matching turquoise shoes to create a youthful but professional look. on the bus ride to work, someone had bumped katina's arm, and she'd spilled her coffee down the front of her shirt. unfortunately, the jacket couldn't hide the stain, and katina knew that the senior partners had noticed it when they'd introduced themselves. 2 one of the third-year associates, greg, had shown katina around the office and explained her responsibilities. then, he'd taken her to the copy room, handed her an enormous box of legal briefs, and told her to start making copies. just when she'd almost finished, greg had returned to tell her that he actually needed two copies of every file. after lunch, greg had katina start filing the copies. she'd been filing for an hour when greg informed her that she'd put the files in the incorrect order. katina could only hope that tomorrow would be a better day. how does the author reveal katina's initial excitement about her internship? a) by showing how katina responds to conflict b) by describing how katina felt at the end of the day c) by showing how katina interacts with other characters d) by describing how katina selected her clothes with care
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Paragraph on how to be stay positive during the quarantine...

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