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Watch president kennedy delivers the following sentences from his speech again how did his delivery affect the impact of his words on his audience

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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. "you just don't understand," she said, as maggie and i came out to the car. "what don't i understand? " i wanted to know. "your heritage," she said, and then she turned to maggie, kissed her, and said, "you ought to try to make something of yourself, too, maggie. it's really a new day for us. but from the way you and mama still live you'd never know it." in the excerpt above, what can the reader infer about dee's opinion of her sister? she admires maggie for preserving the family traditions. she feels superior to maggie because she is uneducated. she feels sorry for maggie because of her poverty. she respects maggie because of her resilience.
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In at least one hundred words, discuss how the man with the umbrella in sorrentino’s “there’s a man in the habit of hitting me on the head with an umbrella” is an example of an extended metaphor and what central theme he conveys.
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In at least 150 words, identify and describe the setting, and the way the author uses imagery to describe it for part 1 of nectar in a sieve.
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Geoffrey is writing a paper investigating friendly-fire incidents in recent us military actions. which paragraph topic would be relevant to his paper and would therefore merit inclusion in his final draft? a) a paragraph criticizing us military actions in the viet nam war b) a paragraph discussing how friendly-fire incidents are investigated c) a paragraph describing what basic boot camp is like for a new army enlistee eliminate d) a paragraph discussing how hard an extended military service can be on a family
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Watch president kennedy delivers the following sentences from his speech again how did his delivery...

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