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How does paragraph 7 explain the idea that studying music can develop the brain

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All of the following quotes are examples of foreshadowing from the swimming contest except
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Now you will do a special kind of problem. you will use the blue boxes below to put events of the story "the baby-sitter" in correct order. each blue box has seven sentences inside it. click the first blue box until you see the first thing that happened in the story. then go on to the next box and the next thing that happened. the last thing that happened should be in the last box. you may need to look back at the story to you remember. if you change your mind at any time while you are working the problem, you can return to a box and click to find a different sentence. when you are all finished, you will be able to read down the list of sentences and see all seven events from the story in the right order. mary jo began to read the alphabet book. mary jo couldn't move. mother asked mary jo to baby-sit. jimmy was very quiet. he had fallen asleep. jimmy to read the book. mother said, "you are a very good baby-sitter." mother picked up sleeping jimmy.
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Read the excerpt how the grimm brothers saved the fairy tale. which idea does the author introduce first
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According to “the world on turtl’s back” which best demonstrates the iroquois view of women? a) women were viewed as clumsy and poor at making decisions. b) women were viewed as without the support of men and animals. c) women were respected because they create and sustain the world. d) women were worshipped because they were the descendants of a goddess.
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How does paragraph 7 explain the idea that studying music can develop the brain...

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