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Why did george tell slim about what happen in weed in mice and men

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What is the tone of this passage from andrew jackson's message to congress? "the consequences of a speedy removal will be important to the united states, to individual states, and to the indians themselves. the pecuniary advantages which it promises to the government are the least of its recommendations. it puts an end to all possible danger of collision between the authorities of the general and state governments on account of the indians." andrew jackson, annual message to congress on december 6, 1830" a. ashamed and apologetic b. intelligent and professional c. bitter and jealous d. entertaining and humorous
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Based on this excerpt the authors are mostly likely to attempt to answer which question?
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Asap select 4 statements which could be considered a "theme" of a story, play, poem, etc. a sometimes the most profound ideas can come from unfamiliar places. b my best friend jeffrey has many unusual interests. c once a man gives his soul over to evil, he can never go back. d the three sheepdogs lay around the yard all day. e a priest's collar has an unusual effect upon people. f innocence is a powerful force in a world full of corruption. g king lear is a play shakespeare wrote later. h evil often wears the disguise of innocence. the answer is a c f h
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Aunit "tradition vs. change" to memorize and read aloud. in the written introduction, engage the listener; state the origin of the excerpt; and identify who wrote it and its literary significance.
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Why did george tell slim about what happen in weed in mice and men...

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