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Which sentence contains a proper noun?
a. the basketball players were impressive in last night's game
b. artists use many materials, such as paint and charcoal
c. my neighbors will be moving to a new town soon
d. someday, i hope to travel to madrid
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Iwill give you 90 points read this entry from a blog about service dogs. lexie, an eight-month-old black labrador retriever, is sleeping quietly at my feet. i can’t but think that her soft, velvety ears and alert brown eyes would make her the perfect “doggie model” for pet magazines and pet store ads. however, lexie will soon have a much more important job to do. in a few months, she will become the loyal companion and service dog for a young man who has been blind since birth. she will him board public transportation, such as buses, subways, and trains, and she will him safely cross busy intersections. lexie will even the young man avoid obstacles, such as high curbs and low overhangs. like all dogs in our organization, lexie has undergone months of specialized training to a visually impaired person lead an active and independent life. what is the primary purpose of this blog? to inform readers about seeing-eye dogsto entertain readers with stories about lexieto persuade readers to support service dogsto convince readers to adopt seeing-eye dogs
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Mr. underwood's editorial defending tom robinson is surprising because he's described as not wanting to be near negroes it's a dangerous stance to take at that time he had been neutral during the trial he wasn't in the courtroom
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The brother of a presidential candidate writes an editorial in which he defends this candidate against charges of corruption. in such a circumstance, it is most appropriate for the reader to a) suspect that the candidate may have been framed. b) consider whether the candidate has the best family or not. c) wonder if the writer may be biased, due to his family connection. d) wonder if the writer may be inaccurate, due to wanting to get people to read his column. \
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Which situation from a novel best reflects the following theme? prejudice can be found in unexpected places and is always hurtful to those exposed to it. a. community members admire a public figure until a child exposes him as a fraud b. witnesses to a violent attack remain quiet for fear of endangering their families o c. a talented doctor cannot get work in a neytown because he is an "outsider." d. a couple tries to keep their romance alive across a great distance but fails.
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Which sentence contains a proper noun?
a. the basketball players were impressive in last nig...

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