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antigone literary analysis essay
in a well-written essay, respond to the
standard four-paragraph structure, w
two body paragraphs that develop and suppo
luen essay, respond to the following prompt. essays should be composed in
cture, with an introduction containing a clearly stated thesis,
aragraphs that develop and support the thesis, and a concluding paragraph.
prompt: who is the tragic hero in sophocles' antigone? justuy your se
a supporting definition of what it means to be a tragic hero.
essay requirements & layout
final draft - 4 paragraphs typed in mla format
• creative title
literary present
• third person point of view (avoid i, me, my you, your, yours, would, should, could, might
1. hook - catches the reader's attention (question, quotation, challenge, etc.)
2. context - provides basic information about the literary text (title, author, plot, setting, characters)
3. thesis - states the essay's literary argument (answers the prompt)
4. supports - statements that support the thesis; identifies how you are going to prove your thesis
body paragraphs (2)
1. topic sentence (ts) - this sentence gives the focus for the paragraph and is formed
from one of the supporting statements listed in the introduction. do each paragraph in the
order that the support is listed in the introduction.
2. concrete detail (cd1) - evidence (quotations, examples, etc.)
3. commentary (cmi)-2+ sentences of explanation & analysis
4. concrete detail (cdz)
5. commentary (cm2)-2+ sentences
6. concluding sentence (cs) - all commentary; gives paragraph a finished feeling
1. summary - review the supporting ideas of your essay
2. synthesis - review essay's thesis and its literary significance
3. conclosiot conclude your essay and connect to reader
due dates & point value
1. thesis & supports (10 pts) - thursday, 10/17
2. body paragraph #1 outline (10pts) - fridau 10/18
3. body paragraph #2 outline (10 pts) - mondai lozi
4. introduction paragraph outline (10 pts) - tuesday, 10632
5. conclusion paragraph outline (10 pts) - inedancia

can you me with the fist body paragraph about antigones great intentions

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antigone literary analysis essay
in a well-written essay, respond to the
standard four-p...

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