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Comprehending plot
which details to reveal the plot of this story?
check all that apply.
"come over here and listen to a story," said the aunt,
when the bachelor had looked twice at her and once at
the communication cord.
the children moved listlessly towards the aunt's end of
the carriage. evidently her reputation as a story-teller did
not rank high in their estimation.
in a low, confidential voice, interrupted at frequent
intervals by loud, petulant questionings from her
listeners, she began an unenterprising and deplorably
uninteresting story about a little girl who was good, and
made friends with every one on account of her goodness,
and was finally saved from a mad bull by a number of
rescuers who admired her moral character.
"wouldn't they have saved her if she hadn't been good? "
demanded the bigger of the small girls. it was exactly the
question that the bachelor had wanted to ask.
- "the storyteller,"
the bachelor loves the story
the aunt is telling an uninteresting story.
the children think that the story makes sense.
the children are rambunctious and are questioning
their aunt
the aunt's story suggests that if you are good, good
things will happen.

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Comprehending plot
which details to reveal the plot of this story?
check all that appl...

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