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In which sentence does the word for low in price have a negative connotation

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Which is true about meeting minutes? meeting minutes contain opinions and commentary from the note-taker. meeting minutes are a summary of topics discussed and decisions made during a meeting. meeting minutes are private notes taken during a meeting; they are not meant to be shared. meeting minutes are a word-for-word account of everything said during a meeting.
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“dènouement” is another word for the of a plot.
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What theme of antigone do the above events reflects
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Plz me asap select the correct text in the passage. which two sentences in the passage introduce counterarguments to the speaker’s position in favor of recycling? we only have a limited number of resources to serve humans around the globe. by recycling and reusing the resources we have, we can preserve what untouched natural resources we have while extending the life of the resources we’re currently using. admittedly, we cannot reuse or recycle all of the materials we use in our daily lives. some materials are not recyclable, such as certain food containers. others items are not biodegradable regardless of what we reuse them for, and that can create problems in the long run. my opponent would use these limitations of our ability to recycle to counter my points about the materials we can recycle. however, this is not an “all or nothing” scenario. we should reuse and recycle the materials that we can and try our best not to buy materials and products that can’t be reused or recycled. by doing our part and encouraging others to do their part, we can increase our chances of conserving our remaining natural and manmade resources over time.
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In which sentence does the word for low in price have a negative connotation...

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