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Provide information, give an opinion, give directions, and propose an action are examples of in writing.

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Which questions must be considered when evaluating the effectiveness of an argument? select four options. is there empirical evidence in the argument? is there reliable evidence to support the reasons? are there logical reasons to believe the claim? is the author’s claim clear to the reader? does the author’s diction affect the reader as intended?
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In the following sentence identify the words of the subordinate clause and name its type. we believe that christianity is the key to a better world.
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What conclusion can be drawn about juliet based on her reaction to her pending wedding? she embraces traditions. she is delighted and obedient. she is stubborn and willful. she respects authority.
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Making ethical decisions in the health care setting can be confusing. ethical dilemmas are found in almost every aspect of the health care delivery system. the word ethics comes from the greek ethos, meaning custom, usage, or character. ethical study is related to philosophy, the pursuit of wisdom. ethical theories attempt to systemize, defend, and recommend concepts of right and wrong behavior. we all have opinions and beliefs about ethics, even if we’re not fully conscious of them. based on the paragraph, what does ethical mean? being in accordance with accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession of, relating to, or based on philosophy restricted to sale only based on a doctor's prescription knowledge of what's proper or reasonable; using good sense or judgment in a professional setting
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Provide information, give an opinion, give directions, and propose an action are examples of in wri...

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