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Which sentence best describes a characteristics of a parable

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What is the best meaning for obscure in this line from the passage? a) ancient b) dark c) royal d) unknown
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In gulliver’s travel it says “that reason did not extend it self with the bulk of the body” what does this mean? “just because you are doesn’t mean you are ” (has to do with size) and what is swift criticizing about his country?
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Compare and contrast author charlotte brontë with her heroine jane eyre. how did bronte’s life experiences influence the development of jane? what aspects of brontë herself do we see in jane? your answer should be at least one hundred words.
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Unit testtest activetime remaining01: 52: 12which is the most accurate summary of the excerpt? read the excerpt from the strange case of dr. jekyll andmr hydeyou know i never approved of it," pursued utterson, ruthlessly disregarding the fresh topic"my will? yes, certainly, i know that," said the doctor, atrifle sharply. you have told me so."o dr. jekyll is annoyed that he has to answer questionsabout his will. o mr. utterson is deeply concerned about the will that heis handlingo dr. jekyll and mr. utterson argue about jekyll's will andmr. hyde. o dr. jekyll and mr. utterson have a conversation aboutmr. hyde"well, i tell you so again," continued the lawyer. "i havebeen learning something of young hyde."the large handsome face of dr. jekyll grew pale to thevery lips, and there came a blackness about his eyes. "ido not care to hear more," said he. this is a matter! thought we had agreed to drop""what i heard was abominable," said utterson. it can make no change. you do not understand myposition," returned the doctor, with a certain incoherencyof manner​
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Which sentence best describes a characteristics of a parable...

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