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question 6(multiple choice worth 5 points)


an author writes the following paragraph for an argumentative essay:

in 2012, parenting organization children matter most questioned 200 adults about television's influence on their families. 76 percent of the respondents admitted they had witnessed their children demonstrating improper or embarrassing behavior they felt originated from television. examples ranged from offensive language to aggressiveness to age-inappropriate actions. parents fingered reality shows, daytime talk shows, and adult-themed cartoons as the worst influences.

for which of the following claims does the paragraph best provide support?
television has three types of shows that affect children negatively.
television is a bad influence on children.
television offers good and bad programming for families.
television provides entertainment for people of all ages.

question 7(multiple choice worth 5 points)


an author claims that "zoos do more good than harm." the author provides the following as support for the claim:

without zoos, there are 37 endangered species that would now be extinct. the white rhinoceros and the south china tiger are just two examples. they survive today because the last two of each species were carefully bred in captivity. if not for zoos, these species would have died in the wild.

which choice best describes the support the author provides?
it is effective support for the claim.
it is ineffective support because it does not prove the claim.
it is ineffective support because it presents opinion rather than fact.
it is ineffective support because it provides no source for the information.

question 8(multiple choice worth 5 points)


which statement is an effective claim?
i think mini-vans are more practical than economy cars.
rules about teenage curfews should be changed.
there are several advantages to having a library card.
traditional schools should allow students to attend online courses.

question 9(multiple choice worth 5 points)


the following claim is made in an argumentative essay:

the united states should require all citizens to be listed as organ donors.

which of the following would be considered ineffective evidence to support this claim?
examples of situations when organ donations have saved lives
facts from a documentary about mechanical and artificial hearts
statistics showing the number of lives saved by organ donors each year
testimony from the emergency room doctors and patients who have been saved

question 10(multiple choice worth 5 points)


which statement is an ineffective claim?
fast food restaurants are dangerous to america's youth.
the driving age should be raised for three clear reasons.
the united states should increase spending for nuclear power.
violent video games make teenagers more violent.

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Me part 2 of the questions asap brainliest answer

question 6(multiple choice worth 5 poi...

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