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Stacy is a network administrator at a publicity company. her co-workers often come to her when they can’t access files through the company’s computer network or when they have problems logging in to the company website. which skills are important for stacy’s job? a. speaking skills b. problem-solving skills c. writing skills d. math skills e. goal-setting skills

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The author s description of thomas youngs actions portray him as a person who?
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What is the reasoning in this argument?
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Read the passage, then answer the question that follows. no one could have seen it at the time, but the invention of beet sugar was not just a challenge to cane. it was a hint—just a glimpse, like a twist that comes about two thirds of the way through a movie—that the end of the age of sugar was in sight. for beet sugar showed that in order to create that perfect sweetness you did not need slaves, you did not need plantations, in fact you did not even need cane. beet sugar was a foreshadowing of what we have today: the age of science, in which sweetness is a product of chemistry, not whips. in 1854 only 11 percent of world sugar production came from beets. by 1899 the percentage had risen to about 65 percent. and beet sugar was just the first challenge to cane. by 1879 chemists discovered saccharine—a laboratory-created substance that is several hundred times sweeter than natural sugar. today the sweeteners used in the foods you eat may come from corn (high-fructose corn syrup), from fruit (fructose), or directly from the lab (for example, aspartame, invented in 1965, or sucralose—splenda—created in 1976). brazil is the land that imported more africans than any other to work on sugar plantations, and in brazil the soil is still perfect for sugar. cane grows in brazil today, but not always for sugar. instead, cane is often used to create ethanol, much as corn farmers in america now convert their harvest into fuel. –sugar changed the world, marc aronson and marina budhos how does this passage support the claim that sugar was tied to the struggle for freedom? it shows that the invention of beet sugar created competition for cane sugar. it shows that technology had a role in changing how we sweeten our foods. it shows that the beet sugar trade provided jobs for formerly enslaved workers. it shows that sweeteners did not need to be the product of sugar plantations and slavery.
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Read the excerpts from "the royal house of thebes" and "the story of a warrior queen." "we are women," she told her sister. "we must obey. we have no strength to defy the state." "choose your own part," antigone said. "i go to bury the brother i love." "you are not strong enough," ismene cried. "why, then when my strength fails," antigone answered, "i will give up." she left her sister; ismene dared not follow her. —"the royal house of thebes" again and again the romans were defeated, till it almost seemed as if the britons really would succeed in driving them out of the country. boadicea herself led the soldiers, encouraging them with her brave words. "it is better to die with honor than to live in slavery," she said. "i am a woman, but i would rather die than yield. will you follow me, men? " and of course the men followed her gladly. —"the story of a warrior queen" how are the archetypes presented in these two passages different? the first passage shows antigone as a warrior, and the second passage shows boadicea as a tragic heroine. the first passage shows antigone as a tragic heroine, and the second passage shows boadicea as a sage. the first passage shows antigone as a rebel, and the second passage shows boadicea as a warrior. the first passage shows antigone as a villain, and the second passage shows boadicea as a sage.
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Stacy is a network administrator at a publicity company. her co-workers often come to her when they...

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