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Which sentence best defies tone in literature

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An effective thesis statement will reflect . . 1) possible weaknesses in your own argument. 2) possible weaknesses in your opponent's argument. 3) the type of document--or genre--you plan to write. 4) your attitudes about aquatic mammals
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What is the meaning of the word "internalize" as it is used in the following sentence? (4 points) try to internalize the vocabulary words you have read. forget describe learn rewrite
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What is most likely nelson mandela's purpose of using third person point of view after introducing himself in his introductory paragraphs
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Realism was a fairly influential and widespread literary movement in the united states in the latter half of the nineteenth century. which american writer is among the pioneers of american realism? a. ernest hemingway b. f. scott fitzgerald c. j. d. salinger d. mark twain
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Which sentence best defies tone in literature...

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