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Which sentence best defies tone in literature

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Read this excerpt from "birdfoot's grampa.” the old man must have stopped our car two dozen times to climb out and gather into his hands the small toads blinded by our lights and leaping, live drops of rain. what are readers most likely to infer from the phrase "blinded by our lights”? a the action in the poem takes place at night. b the weather makes the toads difficult to see. c another car is coming around the bend. d grampa is shining a lantern to see the toads.
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Because genetics is now progressing so rapidly, it is revolutionizing medical research. identify the subordinate clause in the sentence. a) is now progressing b) is now progressing so rapidly c) it is revolutionizing medical research d)
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Which of the following statements would most encourage productive conflict? select all that apply.
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Match the sentence to its correct verb mood
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Which sentence best defies tone in literature...

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