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How was martin luther king, jr., influenced by thoreau's civil disobedience? select all that apply. it was a blueprint for methods of nonviolent protest. it taught him that all government was corrupt and ineffective. it was the first document to stress the importance of civil rights. it showed him that noncooperation with evil was just as important as cooperation with good.

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Myths often function as a connection to the , or the customs and beliefs, of a group of people.
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Read the passage below and answer the question that follows. ‘you make me feel uncivilized, daisy,’ i confessed on my second glass of corky but rather impressive claret. ‘can’t you talk about crops or something? ’ i meant nothing in particular by this remark but it was taken up in an unexpected way. ‘civilization’s going to pieces,’ broke out tom violently. ‘i’ve gotten to be a terrible pessimist about things. have you read ‘the rise of the coloured empires’ by this man goddard? ’ ‘why, no,’ i answered, rather surprised by his tone. ‘well, it’s a fine book, and everybody ought to read it. the idea is if we don’t look out the white race will be—will be utterly submerged. it’s all scientific stuff; it’s been proved.’ in this passage, tom’s ideas about race relations come off as uncivilized. what literary device is fitzgerald using here?
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How was martin luther king, jr., influenced by thoreau's civil disobedience? select all that apply....

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